Alternative romance movies.

A good romance movie is a must during winter time.

However I really do hate the classics,since they are always pretty much the same.So here are 4 alternative romance movies that you will definitely enjoy,wether you are in a relationship or not.

  1. In your eyes (2014)

Imagine being mentally connected to someone you don’t even know. I think a word more is going to spoil the movie so I’ll just leave you with that. It’s beautiful, moving, and unusual which makes it a perfect alternative for those who are bored of the plain old stereotypical romance movies.

in your eyes

2. I Origins (2014)

A tragic love story with beautiful dialogues that emphasize on  the controversy of the spiritual world versus science is narrated to us by the starring actor as “the story of the eyes that changed the world.” .

i origins.jpg

3. Comet (2014)

If you like weird movies that jump through parallel universes without a chronological order and wonderful dialogues about love and the existance of it,then  please do watch this one. It might be a little tricky to process in the beginning,but the more you watch it the more you understand exactly what is happening.


4. Stuck in love (2012)

Love is weird,and complicated,and this family knows it really well.It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager with no cares in the world,or a divorced parent who has to take care of two children,it will always be hard to understand the rules of love. Some of our favorite actors,combine their powers and create a beautiful movie for those who are bored of watching the same old stuff and same old movies.

stuck in love


Here are my 4 favorite movies that will give you some romance the alternative way,without becoming too sad and boring.

Have you watched any of these? If yes,did you like it? If not,did any one of them make you want to watch it?

Also,as Christmas is coming closer and closer,I am planning of making a HUGE Christmas playlist.Do you agree?

Thanks for reading.





Going back home for the first time.

Yesterday was a special day for me,because it was the first time I got back home after moving out, and I realised how much the idea of “home” has changed after I’ve been gone.

It has been about 2 months that I moved out -which I am pretty sure is not a long time considering the fact that I will be living on my own for the rest of my life,but Garden State makes a lot more sense now.

Here’s the clip I am talking about.


And it really is gone.Home now feels like a friend’s house.You know were everything is,but it doesn’t feel like it is yours anymore,you just feel like a guest even though everybody is loving and warm…

Is is just me who feels that way? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

It’s nice to be back in my hometown however.As a traditional country girl,the big island gets me feeling some type of way , but it is just the beginning so I don’t worry much about it yet 🙂 Thanks for reading!



The things we never say.

“I still love you.”

“I miss you.”

“I was wrong.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I can’t do it on my own.”

These are the things we never say. And when we do, we call it a “weak moment”.

Because we can’t deal with the fact that we stopped being selfish for a while.

Caring about yourself is now in trend. It’s acceptable.

Nobody sleeps alone at night. Each one of us hugs something. Some of us our ego,some others their diginity,or their mistakes,and the lucky,hug their love.


Greek night out the alternative way.

It’ no big news that I am Greek.

I have talked about Greece, and its traditions, as well as the problems we are going through this period of time, but what I haven’t talked about, is how we actually manage to do this whole thing of having a good time,without spending much money.

As this is my last week in my hometown, since I am going to college on October, my friends and I decided to spend as much time as it was possible. As a result, we went on a small roadtrip, and had an alternative night out, at the village of Megalo Horio (which is translated as Big Village) which is located nearby the town of Karpenisi,Greece.

I couldn’t get a clear shot of the place because it was really dark and my camera is not the best,but this is what the village looks like in the winter.

Anyway, we ended up in a small cafeteria,which is tremendously beautiful,and it is called “To Rakomelo.”

   The cafeteria’s exterior is made out of stone,and wood,which is matching the village’s traditional architecture.It is really welcoming and since it is one of the first shops you will see as you enter the village, it really sets the mood for something calm and warm. Beauty at its best I must say.

The interior of this place,makes it feel like home. The windows,the ceilings,as well as the seats and tables are all made out of wood, and at night there is some cool indie rock music playing on the background which is exactly what you need to feel like you’re at home.

Had we made our visit on Christmas,there would be an amazing fireplace with a huge fire waiting for us, which is perfect to set the mood,and warm up the place. Because let me tell you that, in the winter, the village gets quite cold.

Let’s move on to the orders now!We decided to have something sweet, and I thought I should try the chocolate cake.

Needless to say it was the best decision I ever made.The cake was warm, gooey, and rich in melted chocolate on top and in the middle. I love chocolate,so eating it was not much of a tought thing to do,but people who are not so much into it, could end up leaving some on the plate.The best part? It only cost 4 euros!

As it was too soon to leave, we thought we would get something to drink,and of course, we couldn’t have done anything else but ordering some “rakomelo”.

Let’s open the educational box here for a while:

Rakomelo,is traditional Greek alcoholic beverage served warm, which is a mix of tsipouro and honey. People usually drink it in the winter to keep warm, and it is also considered a medicine when you catch a cold or get the flu.

The drink came in a traditional coffee pot,as it was warmed up,and there was also served some cheese,bread and salami because the rakomelo is quite strong,and you should definitely NOT drink it all by once.You could understand by its aroma the good quality of the drink, and this is definitely something appreciated in Greece, since many people and especially coffee shop owners make in on their own.

The coffee pot cost 5 euros, and the quantity was enough for about 5 people, so 2 of us had an extra drink. However, the owner was polite enough to treat us with one more free coffee pot, as an indication of hospitality, which is very common in our country.

So yes, I had a great time, and I hope you did too, here with me today .

Talk to you soon,


A letter to my depression.

Dear depression,

First of all,you’re not a dear.I don’t love you.

No,stop that. I know we’ve been through a lot.

You were there the day my ex-best friend called me fat.

You were there the day I failed on that math test and they told me I was never going to be good at it.

You were there the day my old boyfriend called me a whore.

You were there the day they told me I am not good enough at drawing.

You were there the day a teacher told me I am not talented at writing.

You were there the day my dad told me that I am not allowed  to pursue a career at business administration.

You were there when I didn’t get the best result at my exams for college.

You were there,to tell me to stop trying,to tell me that nothing’s worth fighting for.You were there to tell me that I’m fat but that’s alright because no one will ever care anyway.You were there,and I listened to you.

I listened to you by ignoring the people who seemed to care because you made me think that they didn’t.

I listened to you and stayed home losing valuable time with my best friends.

I listened to you and cried long time,losing my sleep,being tired the next day.

I listened to you and stayed in bed doing nothing.

I listened to you,and thought of ending this thing called life.But I didn’t manage to.

And then you told me I am not even capable of trying to do that.

But I am not going to listen this time.

I am leaving home, going to college,and I am leaving you behind, with all these bad memories.

I have paint, some brushes and a canvas, and I am going to paint,and draw, as much as I can.

I have a laptop,and I am going to write,and write.As much as I can.

I will get out of bed,go to school,eat healthy, work out, go out with friends, have a good time, talk with boys, I am going to do all that.

I know that leaving you behind is not going to be enough.You will find the way to get back to me. Your voice will try to make me let you stay. But I won’t. I won’t listen.

This life is mine,and you are not allowed to tell me what to do anymore.

I will learn to love myself,more than anything.I will, I promise you this.


A playlist for the lazy days of autumn.

So I made a playlist!

It’s the first time I made a full playlist with a specific theme,so please don’t be too harsh.This is just some of my all-time favorite music,and I really think you will enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Make some coffee,sit back,and listen along with me.

Anyway,I hope you like it,and please tell me what you think of it!

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